Various Die Shots

VV5351 optical mouse sensor from IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A under reflected darkfield illumination. This sensor often gets incorrectly referred to as an 'MLT04' online due to the markings on top of the package - MLT being a country code referring to ST's assembly plant in Kirkop, Malta. The correct part number (VV5351) is found on the reverse side of the package.

VV5351 ST logo markings.

VV5351 part number markings. Die shows VV5351B but package markings showed VV5351A, most likely the package tooling wasn't updated to save costs.

Texas Instruments 74LS32.

MCP3201 (12-bit ADC).

MCP3201 Microchip logo markings.

KAI-11002 Die Shots

Kodak logo die marking.

Floating diffusion, output gate and output amplifier structure. Mask alignment structures on the left edge.

Active test structures on the border of the die.

Test areas to measure mask scale and distortion.

Cam86 DIY CCD Camera Build

I recently built a CCD camera for astrophotography, based on the Cam86 designed by members of an astronomy forum.

The camera uses the Sony ICX453AQ CCD sensor. Although the CCD sensor is no longer manufactured it can be fairly easily obtained by desoldering it from old Nikon D40/D50/D70/D70s DSLRs, which can be found fairly cheaply second hand.

The components to build the camera cost around £200 in total, far cheaper than commercial astrophotography cameras based on the same sensor such as the QHY8 Pro.

Camera PCB before being populated.

Camera PCB with components.

Finished camera.

Lens mount + CCD view.

Test image taken with camera. Full resolution version.